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Welcome to Gaia, Dubuque and the Tri-state’s premier destination for body waxing and intimate waxing. Nestled in the heart of Dubuque’s Millwork District, our hair removal studio offers a sanctuary for all your waxing needs, including Brazilian waxing, bikini waxing, and anywhere you need hair removed. We take great pride in elevating your body waxing experience beyond just hair removal. We educate you in your unique skincare needs for your personal body waxing routine. We‘ve created a zone where chatting about our intimate wellness concerns is the norm, not the taboo. Which is why we're thrilled to offer body waxing in half the time as the industry standard, along with specialized services in intimate wellness, like the Yoni Vaginal Steam Spa in partnership with Legacy Made Experience.  

Imagine achieving silky-smooth skin in a fraction of the time you'd expect. Our skilled estheticians use a specialized technique that shortens the waxing process, delivering impeccable results efficiently. That means you spend less time on the treatment bed and more time flaunting your newfound confidence. Gaia's unique approach makes it easy to fit your self-care regimen into your busy life, transforming what might be a long, tedious painful task elsewhere into a quick, comfortable experience here.

Why choose Gaia for your Brazilian wax in Dubuque? Our Brazilian wax service is a client favorite, promising a clean and comfortable procedure that leaves you feeling clean & confident. Bikini season or not, a Brazilian wax offers that touch of personal cleanliness and efficient hygiene routine that makes all the difference. Our fast-track waxing method guarantees that you'll be beach-ready in no time!

For those opting for something less comprehensive but equally transformative, our bikini wax service is a fantastic option. And if you're looking to remove unwanted body hair from various areas like arms, legs, or back, our full-body waxing options are both efficient and luxurious. Each service promises not only rapid results but also the highest level of care and comfort.

Your journey towards smooth, radiant skin begins at Gaia, where we set new standards for speed, quality, and overall satisfaction in the waxing industry. With an environment that prioritizes your comfort, and professionals trained in swift, yet meticulous waxing techniques, we're more than just a service—we're a revelation. Book your appointment today to experience the Gaia difference. We're more than just a quick wax; we're the future of body care and wellness.

Professional Service

Our clinically tested technique and quality hard wax will give you the most pleasant wax experience available.

Unmatched Service

Gaia Waxing offers quality service and convenience. We cater to your busy schedule and have appointment times available from morning to evening. Most services, including the Brazilian, only take 15 minutes.

All Natural Ingredients

Studies show that 60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into it. With that in mind, Gaia Waxing has made a commitment to only allow the purest ingredients in every step of your wax routine. After all, Gaia is the Earth Goddess!

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Marcy Davidson

31 May 2024
2 months ago
Chrystina was amazing! She made me feel comfortable, answered my questions, and was great on educating me throughout my appointment as well as providing me thor...
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Corinna Eisenberg

09 January 2024
6 months ago
Both aestheticians are great, and They sometimes have same day appointments available! My daughter has a physical disability and they are very patient and accom...
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  • All Natural Ingredients

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